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CDM Services

The Quoin Consultancy was formed in 1995 following the introduction of The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (which came into force on 31st March 1995).

Quoin was conceived to provide independent Planning Supervisor services under the CDM 1994 Regulations by employing a blend of experienced construction and design professionals together with specialist health & safety advisors.

The result is a team of CDM experts with an in depth knowledge of the design and construction, health and safety risk management that can provide advice and support to the entire project team.

This is now a proven concept which has developed through the reincarnation of the CDM Regulations in 2007 and is even more relevant under the 2015 Regulations with the roles of CDM Advisor and Principal Designer utilising all of Quoin’s experience in this field.

The introduction of the 2015 CDM Regulations has produced the need for a broader range of advice from CDM specialist, both in terms of the client’s needs and flexibility in the terms of engagement.

Quoin has risen to this challenge with an expanded range of services from acting as Principal Designer on large scale projects to acting as CDM advisers to Clients, lead designers and contractors who are contractually obliged to act as Principal Designers but do not have adequate health & safety skills, knowledge and experience to undertake the role.

We have successfully provided CDM services across all construction sectors, from education to bridge building; from external redecorations to whole town centre redevelopments and on projects ranging from £5000 to £180M.

Health & Safety

The increasing onus on health & safety legislation in the workplace cannot be ignored by any of us. Our duty to make the workplace, for which we are responsible, safe for all who work there and comply with current legislation can only result in safer and more productive working environments.

However, achieving this can be a daunting task for any business and take a considerable amount of time, diverting from core functions whether it is as a design practice, a building contractor or a factory making widgets.

Quoin provides the support needed to employers and the workforce by working together to identify the areas in need of highly qualified and experienced specialist advice and tailoring health & safety services to raise health & safety standards and ensure legal compliance. The aim is always to create a safe and efficient working environment in which businesses can flourish.